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Creativity Clinics

Students will expose audiovisual projects previously made at each career workshops to the invited experts. The goal is to build an environment for consideration and feedback derived from the projects and about the themes presented by the authors.

Work Boards

Semi exclusive meetings gathering national and international experts are arranged in order to exchange experiences that are already in progress and build networks that allow a permanent labor beyond the Seminar´s occasion.

Project Pitching

Chilean audiovisual production companies working on children and teenager matters, have the opportunity to share their projects with TV Networks and national/international co-producers.

Thoughtful Screening

A central axis of the Seminar is to access concrete models of production and design of quality contents for children and youngsters. The Prix Jeunesse dossier, both European and Latin American branches, will be present with selected or awarded works to be viewed along with children, experts and students.
One particular application of this format is "Yo opino" (My opinion), an enhanced focus group with nearly 100 children around awarded or chosen TV Shows and subsequent conversation, In order to absorb their feedback as viewers.


A deepening way for student participation is to materialize an audiovisual assignment concerning the Seminar´s theme. The current format chosen is "Dos Lunas", one minute in 48 hours. Students shall develop a 1-minute short film centered on an assignment handed inside a sealed envelope; two days will be given as limit. A mixed panel conformed by teachers and specialized guests will be conformed.

Children's Debate

Children leadership in this Seminar is crucial. This is displayed through their participation in "Yo Opino", Viewings and live feedback towards the makers. This year we will feature "Yo imagino" (I imagine), a Focus group oriented towards the teen usage of contents and technologies.

Feedback Workshops

Children not only discourse through speech, but also by using images, with colors, paint brushes; drawings…The critical view is expressed in conscious ways and at the same time, spontaneously through plastic work.

Round Tables

There are several ways to accomplish things. Therefore we articulate Round Tables to enrich different visions about the same topics.

Essay presentations

Each year we use the Seminar as an exhibition frame for studies or documentation of interest for the different actors.

Work in Progress

Each year, the National TV Council finances the best Television Projects through its Concourse Funds. In "la Cajita" we offer the opportunity to improve the production process through clinics directed to production companies. A live crowd, contributing with questions and concerns.