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The discussion concerning digital TV in Chile has been focused on its rather technical details. However, this establishes opportunities and inspiration to enhance debate spaces towards the permanent challenge of creating content for the Media, in demanding societies that search for more dignifying models of human interaction.

The Children, Imagination and Media Seminar “La Cajita” (The Little Box) is an encountering and learning instance; It builds exchanging and transferring methodologies and it promotes a network of starring children. It annually selects regional and international professionals who introduce examples of production experience such as organization models and formative or entertaining projects for children and teenagers.

La Cajita is acknowledged as an essential structure for learning and transferring experiences upon communicators that are motivated in the generation of quality content for children and teenagers.

This year´s theme is Childhood´s dignity, not only for present-day children, but also former and future infants. Childhood is a moral value for society, not simply a stage. From this platform imagination, creativity and openness to novelty is possible. We also want to inspire a greater presence of youngsters within the process of designing and producing suitable contents.